Hi there!

I'm Lyrenhex - or just Lyren, for short - and I'm a netizen with a wide array of interests; I stream on Twitch (where I attained Affiliate on 14th July 2019), appreciate a very wide array of good music, and attempt to learn Classical Latin (along with, to a lesser extent, Greek). My primary motivator, however, remains Computer Science, being my academic subject of interest and my career path (fun fact: I first got into CS via my love of games, but I was quickly disillusioned from that career path...).

As an individual, I'm autistic and try to raise awareness of how autism affects people on my Twitter Mastodon, along with addressing issues that come to my attention or just sharing my enthusiasm about new games or expansions. It's very much random what I talk about, but I'd like to make it clear that I support people's rights to a fulfilling life, and will happily point out that Black Lives Matter, trans rights are human rights, and that none of this should be a problem regardless of what month it is.


I appreciate a wide variety of games, from Doom to Skyrim - but I have a particular preference for role-playing games.

(Shout outs to the Soulsborne games - possibly my favourite set of games, if I'm honest; Elder Scrolls Online; The Witcher 3; and Destiny 2. Plus, the Nier series deserves a mention here too. What can I say? I like games.)

If you're interested in a totally objective and accurate opinion on which games I really vibed with each year (based on release), then how fortunate that I've already given that some thought:

(Some were very difficult to determine, and your opinion may differ, which is okay. 🙂)

Written work


Autism doesn't 'Speak', Twitch

17 December 2022 5 minute read

But when autistic people are asking you to listen, you need to listen.

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My music taste (YouTube Music)

Any of the stellar music played on stream caught your ear? Great! If you missed the message in chat providing a link to the track, you can find it in the list below -- have fun! 🤘

Please note that I cannot play any music on stream which I have not already obtained / validated permission for. This, therefore, is an exhaustive list of songs at this time. Sorry!

Twedia (Twitch Media)

The code behind the bot I made for the purpose of playing and crediting music on the channel is available publicly on GitHub. The bot has the following functions, owing to there seeming to not be any viable alternatives achieving the same:

  • Random playback order
  • Plays a selection of music according to what the streamer provides (rather than eg, Pretzel.Rocks which provides completely random licensed music)
  • Posts in chat with song credits & the YouTube link to the song
GitHub Repository