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I'm Lyrenhex - or just Lyren, for short - and I'm a netizen with a wide array of interests; I stream on Twitch (where I attained Affiliate on 14th July 2019), appreciate a very wide array of good music, and attempt to learn Classical Latin (along with, to a lesser extent, Greek). My primary motivator, however, remains Computer Science, being my academic subject of interest and my career path (fun fact: I first got into CS via my love of games, but I was quickly disillusioned from that career path...).

As an individual, I'm autistic and try to raise awareness of how autism affects people on my Twitter Mastodon, along with addressing issues that come to my attention or just sharing my enthusiasm about new games or expansions. It's very much random what I talk about, but I'd like to make it clear that I support people's rights to a fulfilling life, and will happily point out that Black Lives Matter, trans rights are human rights, and that none of this should be a problem regardless of what month it is.

Games (of all time)

Baldur's Gate 3

A Larian RPG to truly follow-up DOS2, BG3 is an incredibly good rendition of the D&D 5e Ruleset into a stunning video game. The writing is characteristically witty (... and in no small part horny...) and interesting, the visuals are Larian's best yet with fully-animated in-engine cutscenes, and - despite the bugs in later Acts, which are present - playing solo and co-op is a real blast. Truly one of the games of all time, and that's without even acknowledging the wonderful soundtrack (with a particular villainous standout...). Impeccable.

5 / 5

Dark Souls III

My first mainline Souls game, DS3 is absolutely incredible. Engaging, enjoyable combat; a rich, deep world; and that feeling of accomplishment is stunning. 100% worth playing.

5 / 5

Destiny 2

Incredible storylines. Stellar gunplay. Impeccable soundtracks. The only good forever-game I've found yet.

5 / 5

Elden Ring

Oh, Elden Ring... Absolutely stellar. Similar combat to DS3, but the game is substantially more accessible. Plus, the open world felt like how I wanted Skyrim to feel all those years ago...

5 / 5

Final Fantasy XV

Heartwrenching story, incredible graphics. Honestly, this achieves what it set out to do, and I adore this game. A lot.

5 / 5

God of War

God of War (2018) is an incredible open-world RPG, with a couple of rough edges from leaning too heavily into the RPG tropes (many pieces of gear can get overwhelming...). God of War Ragnarök expands upon the 2018 entry with yet more stellar storywork, plus refined gameplay. Overall, I do recommend playing both of these! It's an amazing journey.

5 / 5

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

Much like Automata, Replicant is a masterpiece in all the same categories. A beautiful, heartbreaking story, paired with beautiful music, all over some pretty good gameplay. I prefer Automata's combat, but this is fun too!

5 / 5


I absolutely adore this game. Play it, then play it again two more times (you'll understand why), then cry when Weight of the World starts up. It's a masterpiece in narrative, music, and the gameplay's honestly great too!

5 / 5

Persona 3 (FES & Portable)

Beautiful. I recommend playing P3FES first for the animated cutscenes and Answer epilogue, which is an absolutely incredible experience (even if it's not visually very pretty, given its age), then following it up with a playthrough of P3P for the FeMC route, which is also a neat different perspective on the story (which remains the most tragic story in the 'reboot' Persona series). The music, for the record, is addictive regardless of which version you play!

5 / 5

Persona 4 Golden

If you liked Persona 3, then this is another Persona game! But this time, we have slightly better graphics, an entirely new - but still incredible - soundtrack, and a cast that feel like a bunch of friends for a lot more of the game. I really love the characters in P4G, and the game is overall stellar. So, par for the course for a Persona game!

5 / 5

Persona 5 Royal

Again, another Persona game. Massively improved visuals this time, with another new soundtrack (again, addictive as all hell), and another really good cast of characters - featuring one that feels Autistic-coded to me, which is really nice, even if it was (apparently) unintentional.

5 / 5

How about some more? They're not all perfect... 😉

Written work


Raspberry Pi's not-very-documented Watchdog

24 November 2023 10 minute read

And a postmortem on my Mastodon instance's outage on 2023-11-23.

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My music taste (

Any of the stellar music played on stream caught your ear? Great! If you missed the message in chat providing a link to the track, you can find it in the list below -- have fun! 🤘

Please note that I cannot play any music on stream which I have not already obtained / validated permission for. This, therefore, is an exhaustive list of songs at this time. Sorry!

Twedia (Twitch Media)

The code behind the bot I made for the purpose of playing and crediting music on the channel is available publicly on GitHub. The bot has the following functions, owing to there seeming to not be any viable alternatives achieving the same:

  • Random playback order
  • Plays a selection of music according to what the streamer provides (rather than eg, Pretzel.Rocks which provides completely random licensed music)
  • Posts in chat with song credits & the YouTube link to the song
GitHub Repository