I'm a freelance full-stack software developer and undergraduate Computer Science student at the University of York. Presented below is a very small selection of my public GitHub repositories, along with my contact information. See below also for details on how to hire me for a freelance job.

I believe in efficiency and robustness, thus striving to design and implement programs which fulfil the stated objective in an appropriate and ethical way; software engineering, as a discipline, has increasing relevance over many people's lives, and it's important that all developers consider the potential repercussions of their work.

Project work - be it independent or collaborative (eg, group work) - is certainly an activity I enjoy beyond freelancing, as a hobby. Collaboration, of course, allows for greater diversity of ideas, many of which may better fulfil an objective than those that one person could conceive of, and the delegation of work on a larger project can lead to much quicker development by playing to each contributor's strengths. This philosophy drives my prior contributions to open-source projects (which I intend to continue doing as time goes on), and my decision to open-source many of my own projects as well.

I also stream regularly on Twitch as an affiliate, where I often run broadcasts centered around programming and developing new applications. For music licensing information regarding my broadcasts, please see my Stream Music.



MEng Computer Science (with a year in industry)

University of York (2020 - present):

GCE Advanced Levels ('A Levels')

Cardinal Newman College (2018 - 2020):

  • Computer Science: A*
  • Mathematics: A*
  • Further Mathematics: A*
  • Physics: A*
Awarded the Reading List Foundation Scholarship after completion (nominated by all subjects).

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Email: [email protected]