Hi there!

I'm Lyrenhex - or just Lyren, for short - and I'm a netizen with a wide array of interests; I stream on Twitch (where I attained Affiliate on 14th July 2019), appreciate a very wide array of good music, and attempt to learn Classical Latin (along with, to a lesser extent, Greek). My primary motivator, however, remains Computer Science, being my academic subject of interest and my career path.

I enjoy a variety of games, from Doom to Skyrim, but my particular favourite genre is role-playing games - in particular, The Elder Scrolls Online, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher 3, and Destiny 2 are my generally favourite games, though Nier Replicant and Automata hold a special mention as a masterpiece in narrative storytelling.

I stream games falling within this category (along with anything else that strikes my fancy) on my Twitch channel; I hope to see you there if you share any of my interests!

As an individual, I'm autistic and try to raise awareness of how autism affects people on my Twitter, along with addressing issues that come to my attention or just sharing my enthusiasm about new games or expansions. It's very much random what I talk about, though I do hold basic standards of human decency (Black Lives Matter, for example, as all human lives are of immeasurable value and worthy of a fair, fulfilling life).


For my own benefit, I've been keeping track of my own personal totally objective and accurate opinions as to which game was my "Game of the Year" (based on year of release); if you're interested, here they are! Some were very difficult to determine, and your opinion may differ, which is okay. 🙂

Music on stream

During the opening and breaks within a stream on the Lyrenhex Twitch channel, music is played. This music is used with permission of the artist, and has been financially supported; if such use is no longer permitted by the artist, please contact me through email, Discord, or Twitch (links available on my homepage); such use will immediately discontinue.

Currently, music is sourced from the artists Miracle of Sound and The Stupendium, with two songs by Yorkshire Tea (as an aside -- they're my preferred brand of tea). Tracks are credited when playing at the bottom of the stream video during the start and breaks, providing the track name and which artist owns it.

Links to the original YouTube copies of these tracks are posted automatically in the Twitch chat when a song starts (regardless of whether during the start/break or not), and are also available as a library on this page below; click on an album name to drop down a list of songs. I support all artists whose music I play on stream.

Twedia (Twitch Media)

The code behind the bot I made for the purpose of playing and crediting music on the channel is available publicly on GitHub. The bot has the following functions, owing to there seeming to not be any viable alternatives achieving the same:

  • Random playback order
  • Plays a selection of music according to what the streamer provides (rather than eg, Pretzel.Rocks which provides completely random licensed music)
  • Posts in chat with song credits & the YouTube link to the song

Nota bene: The bot requires a URL to a JSON-formatted database of songs & YouTube URLs in order to function, as it's based on the data which powers this page. If you'd like me to develop it further to remove this limitation, nag me on the GitHub issue tracker.

GitHub Repository