Max Heaton



I'm a student in software engineering, and have worked on, and developed, a wide range of projects, but naturally, everyone needs a source of income. For this reason, I'm open for freelance work. Just check out the terms below, and feel free to contact me for a quote or to commission some work from me!

Acceptable tools / languages

I'm sufficiently versed, and willing to work in, the following tools and languages (in no particular order):

If you have a project in another language or tool, please don't be offput by this! Feel free to ask me about it anyway, as I may be interested in learning the tool or language, or might be able to make an exception (if I know it and don't use it based on preference) depending on the project.

I will not take on a project for a substantially-sized game (such as a 3D World game [a la Cryengine, Unity3D, Unreal]).

Contact me

You can contact me about a project via either email or Twitter, or other method you can contact me by (for example, if you know me on Discord, you can commission me on there too).

After contacting me, I will ask for express, written consent to the above terms and conditions, providing a copy of them at the time of discussion. This consent will be a legally binding contract.

To contact me through email, please send me an email at with "Freelance: " in the subject line.