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8 July 2024 4 minute read

My personal music taste, and a catalogue of all music that I may play on stream (such as during breaks).

What I listen to (ListenBrainz)

My music taste varies a lot, though a staple genre is anything falling under rock / metal, including heavy metal et al. There’s also a decent helping of more interesting genres, such as folk, synthesised (ie, Vocaloid / UTAU), and the occasional rap (but that is the genre I tend to be most picky with!). I’m a huge fan of basically all of the Persona music from Persona 3 onwards, and likewise for both the NieR Automata and Replicant soundtracks.

For a flavour of my taste, a sample of artists I tend to like are: Bring Me The Horizon; Miracle of Sound; The Stupendium; Cami-Cat; annapantsu; Rabbit Junk; The Tech Thieves; Poor Man’s Poison; New Medicine; Slipknot; Saltatio Mortis; and I could go on…

My ListenBrainz profile will have a much more comprehensive list.

Fun fact: I also ocassionally play the keyboard and the guitar (… not at the same time), though admittedly - like many of my hobbies by virtue of having too many - these pursuits have been unfortunately neglected of late. :(


I’ve been into some musicals for the past few years:

Twedia (Twitch Media)

The code behind the bot I made for the purpose of playing and crediting music on the channel is available publicly on GitHub. The bot has the following functions, owing to there seeming to not be any viable alternatives achieving the same:

  • Random playback order
  • Plays a selection of music according to what the streamer provides (rather than eg, Pretzel.Rocks which provides completely random licensed music)
  • Posts in chat with song credits & the YouTube link to the song
GitHub Repository

Music used on stream

If you’re an artist or rights holder responsible for any of the music listed here and you do not wish for your music to be played on stream anymore, please get in touch; all music is played following permission from the artist or a blanket license covering said usage, so whilst any perceived infringement would be unintentional, I would be happy to account for your wishes regardless.

(Note: This list is auto-generated from a separate source, so updates to this will not affect the page date.)