About me

Welcome to my ‘about me’ section!

Most of this will, in praxis, be assorted miscellanea; you can expect the pages here to be living pages each relating to a particular topic.

What that means, in praxis, is that whilst blog posts may also be subject to updates over time, a blog post which becomes outdated won’t be completely rewritten - I would add an update note about the obsolescence, instead - whereas pages in this section (which are also restricted, as the name implies, to being about me specifically) may undergo complete rewrites should their information become outdated.


8 July 2024 12 minute read

What I use day-to-day, including relevant hardware and software, and my thoughts on them.

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8 July 2024 4 minute read

My personal music taste, and a catalogue of all music that I may play on stream (such as during breaks).

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