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17 June 2024 5 minute read

An introduction to the 'A Whirlwind Tour' project, setting out goals, intent, and important information before beginning.

Welcome to A Whirlwind Tour[1], a fan-made project which intends to act as a reference source for (my intepretation of) Destiny lore.

This page effectively serves as a prelude; more content will likely be added piecemeal, and may take a while.

Raid guides

I’ve recently gotten increasingly frustrated with out-of-date or outright incorrect raid guides being what the Destiny 2 community uses. Rick Kackis’ Vault guide for Last Wish being blatantly incorrect, or the myriad of YouTube videos for whichever raid parroting on information which my Fireteam has personally proven incorrect - including comments from Datto et al. - is frustrating, and being in video format these things are rarely updated or easy to do so. Written forms are rarely any better, with mainstream media outlets typically repeating the same incorrect information from Day 1 guides or the same YouTube videos.

Therefore, there will also be some raid guides here, because it’s the best place for them.

On the subjectivity of ‘lore’

I’m not going to pretend to be the arbiter of what is canon and what is not: that right lies solely with Bungie (who have made it abundantly clear that lore is up to interpretation[2]). So, please feel encouraged to disagree with any interpretations I draw here, and have your own opinions. Thinking about the lore is fun, after all!

More specifically, however, it’s quite probable you may find something contradictory here, or a provably incorrect conclusion, or any other error like that: please feel free to contact me (through any of my socials) to notify me of these or even to discuss them!

Finally, this is an ongoing endeavour: topics will be added (and existing topics updated) over time, but there should be no expectation of a consistent release schedule, or of timely updates following a game content drop (I’ll be playing then too, after all!). In essence, while the last time a document was updated will be noted on the page, each page is a living document - to be fleshed out as I have time and as I learn more.

(To at least make an effort to manage expectations, I feel now is a good time to note that I’m particularly partial to cosmology and mythology: the dichotomy of Light versus Dark, and the interplay of that conflict with the self-serving nature of the Nine, is fundamentally interesting to me; whereas the Battle of Twilight Gap was an event and certainly important, but fails to captivate me on its own.)

What about the wiki?

Wikis are great: I’m a supporter of the UESP, and greatly appreciate the (multiple) wikis for FromSoftware’s games. In the case of Destiny, however, I’ve found the wikis to be both lacking and, at times, at odds with my own perspective on a topic. The latter point means I’m less inclined to contribute (to solve the first point) myself, as contributing to a project you’re out-of-step with can instead be quite detrimental.

Plus, there’s a very minor technical gripe that I have with wikis in general, which is that they’re never printable… I’m a fan of reading content - especially reference material like a wiki provides - on an e-reader, rather than through a web browser (being too easily distracted, and thus less likely to finish), but producing a PDF to read on such a device from a wiki is, at best, tedious.

Thus, this allows me to provide information from my own interpretation of the lore, and ensure that it’s easily “printable” to PDF, for anyone who’s a fan of e-readers.[3]

A note on page updates

Pages which have been modified post-release (which is likely to be all of them, in the long term) will have both a publication date and an update date; “versions” are not publicly available, but you will be able to identify if material has substantially changed.

However, it’s my editorial policy that formatting changes or minor corrections (read: typos) may fail to affect the update date. Situations in which this is likely to occur are if I consider a page to have appropriate content but usability issues (due to poor formatting), or if I’m inserting new links to pages that did not previously exist.

This is a work-in-progress

There will be broken links where I plan for a page but it’s not ready or live yet. Sorry!

This should improve over time.

Appreciations and credits

Before I conclude, there are some thanks in order for various people, and credits to acknowledge.

And that, dear readers, should be all! I hope this project is of use, but if not, it’s still useful to me. 😅

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  1. Yes, that’s specifically a reference to the Whirlwind. Sorry, Eliksni.

  2. Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume 1, Introduction:

  3. If you do produce a PDF copy of any of this content, please remember it’s for personal use only. Complexities of IP law notwithstanding, it’s always best to share the original source rather than a snapshot, as that allows people to view the most up-to-date version - rather than a version that might feature major errors, for example!